Welcome and introduction

When I was a little girl, I spent most of my time relishing life's beautiful simplicities. Obviously, little girls aren't aware of what it means to "relish" life - as far as I knew, relish  was  a peculiar green condiment adults dolloped on hot dogs that I wanted no part of.  What I mean is that the every day details made life an adventure. I climbed trees, hunted for spiders and snakes, created masterpieces with a crayola water color kit, ran barefoot in the grass, traversed the foothills behind my house and sipped on cran-raspberry juice boxes while the California sun tanned my skinned and turned my hair bright white. 

Fast forward to 2014 - by some simple twist of fate, I met a man living on the other side of the world.  I'll save our story for another time, but what's important for now is that I'm here in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. 

I arrived December 29, 2015 and immediately became enchanted. The buildings are old, cobblestone paths lead to mossy bridges and eerie canals, a dense fog blankets everything, the locals bike everywhere. This city is charming and I'm fascinated with Dutch culture.  Maybe it's the "newness" or maybe Dordrecht is actually enchanted, but either way, living here has awakened part of me that has been dormant for a long time. And while I'm not climbing trees or hunting spiders here, and the responsibilities of adulthood make life more complicated, relishing my experience as an expat is bringing more beauty to living  that I could have imagined. 

I'm really excited to share this journey. I'm also looking forward to this blog being a way to connect with loved ones back home, my new Dutch neighbors and other expats around the world, so please don't hesitate to pop me an email if anything I'm writing about resonates with you. 

Tot ziens (see you)!