Hoi, I'm Britany and welcome to  California Relish - a tiny space on the internet to share my experiences as an expat from Southern California living in Dordrecht, the Netherlands. This blog is about relishing the beauty of everyday living, sharing inspiration and embracing some (often humorous) cultural contrasts.  We'll discuss food, travel, local businesses, DIY projects and dip our toes in concepts like budgeting and creating  work/life balance. 

I'm a photographer, digital content creator and writer, with a background in politics. I relish nature, finding "good lighting" in any situation, unique house-ware and textiles, heartfelt conversation, the rush of exploring new places and the comfort of time with loved ones. I moved to the Netherlands in January, 2015 when my Dutch Sweetheart and I decided to take the "long distance" out of our relationship. 

I love working with small and independent businesses and connecting with other creatives. If you'd like more information on my work, click here. And feel free to say "hello", I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for visiting and be well!

Tot ziens :)