Ode to the Stroopwafel - the Cookie from Gouda you need in your life

I have a secret. I didn't just fall in love with Jan-Pieter when I visited Europe last year. Something else from the Netherlands stole my heart - the decadent, delicate and cinnamon-y  stroopwafel. 

What's a stroopwafel, you ask? According to wikipedia it's a waffle made from two thin layers of baked dough with a caramel-like syrup filling in the middle. Balls of dough are pressed on a waffle iron and hot syrup is smeared between two waffles. 

Organic stroopwafels from   Albert Heijn   (very popular Dutch supermarket chain) shot in our kitchen. The pack lasted one day.    

Organic stroopwafels from  Albert Heijn  (very popular Dutch supermarket chain) shot in our kitchen. The pack lasted one day. 


According to me, it's the perfect breakfast, snack or dessert. Packaged stroopwafels sold in the supermarket are divine - but my favorite are sold on the street, made fresh and served hot (the cutest woman has a stand at Dordrecht's Weekly Market). 

It's common to eat a stroopwafel by placing it on a streaming cup of coffee or tea for about a minute, until it becomes warm and soft - but I prefer to eat them directly from the package along side a hot cup of black coffee. 

If you visit the Netherlands, you must try a stroopwafel - I'll even treat you to one if you're not convinced. If you're not planning a trip to the Low Country any time soon, pop over to Trader Joe's and try their rendition to whet your appetite- they're not bad :).  

I plan on compiling a list of my favorite Dutch treats very soon, but the stroopwafel happens to be my favorite and deserves its own post. 

Have you tried a stroopwafel? What's your favorite brand or spot to indulge? 

Tot ziens!